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Ein netter Rundumschlag, was mithilfe eines iPads als Erweiterung des Fernsehens so alles möglich sein könnte. Wenig innovative Konzepte (viele davon schon bei der Vorstellung von Microsoft Kinect gesehen), aber eine nette Präsentation der Ideen.

Link: Syzygy Lab


Guter Artikel von James Gardner für das smashing magazine, welcher sich mit den Herausforderungen beschäftigt, die das zukünftige Web (Internet) mit sich bringt:

Link: Designing for the Future Web (

Future of Media events are a must-see event for anyone interested in the rapidly changing landscape of new media, the Web and journalism.The speakers will discuss some of the biggest challenges the media industry faces today. Topics for this panel discussion include:

  • What can newsrooms learn from tech start-ups? Should media outlets take a more entrepreneurial approach in their day-to-day operations?
  • What can tech start-ups learn from traditional and mainstream media?
  • How are social media, new technology and apps changing media organizations?
  • What impact will social media have on the future of reporting stories such as recent uprisings in the Middle East and Africa?
  • What is the role for mobile devices in the future of media? Will they become the platform of choice for news delivery and media consumption?
  • Where will digital media revenue come from?
  • What technologies, new ideas and business models will be successful and what is just a trend?


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